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What are the benefits of going with a CityBldr offer over another method?
What are the benefits of going with a CityBldr offer over another method?

Explanation of the key benefits of working with the CityBldr offer program

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The main benefits of taking a CityBldr Offer over another in the market are:

Hassle Free
You do not need to go through an extensive, expensive, time consuming and invasive marketing period. Because CityBldr is interested in underutilized properties  it means we don't require extensive renovations or sparkling clean properties.

No Commissions
You are selling directly to CityBldr, so we do not charge you any fees. These fees can typically range from 1 to 3% and so that is money you get to keep in your pocket.

Flexible Closing
We are happy to close when you want. If you want to take your time and find a property in your own time and confidently shop knowing you have an offer, that is not a problem.  If you are looking for a quick closing, that also works well for us. Our aim is to give you the option of the fastest close for underutilized land in the city.

No Service Fees
Other companies that provide quick offers often charge expensive fees or risk premium fees (sometimes going above 10%). CityBldr does not charge these fees, allowing you to save these fees.

We look forward to working with you and answering any further questions you might have.

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