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What is the CityBldr Sell Together Signal
What is the CityBldr Sell Together Signal
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The CityBldr Sell Together analysis is an automated analysis run by CityBldr that explores whether your property is worth more if you sell with a neighbor.

As the image below indicates, sometimes a larger property can be built when you bring multiple neighbors together. CityBldr's platform is able to run this analysis automatically.

Once the analysis is conducted, CityBldr will give you a range we believe your property value could be boosted by if you worked with neighbors and sold together. We also provide you with some free tools to help you achieve this.

If you believe your property could be eligible, feel free to visit and enter in your address. Once you claim your property you will be able to click a button to start your free analysis.

If you have any questions feel free to chat with us or email us at 

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