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Case Study: Shoreline Assemblage
Case Study: Shoreline Assemblage

How working with neighbors can result in additional value

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When a rezone happened in Shoreline, WA, owners across the area were interested in learning what this meant for their property value.

Hundreds of them turned to CityBldr. Using our technology we helped many of them identify that they could get significant boosts over other leading market valuations if they worked together to sell to a developer.

When owners work with CityBldr, we walk them through the pros and the cons of selling to a developer and take the time to understand their goals. We also help them navigate the process of bringing neighbors together.

In one case, eight property owners agreed to work together to sell. Due to their prime location, each of them was able to realize an increase in their property value by selling together. The result: offers on their properties that were more than double what they believed their properties to be worth.

If you would like to see Seattle's news coverage about this click below (2 min 30 sec)

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