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Why does selling with a neighbor help me get more value?
Why does selling with a neighbor help me get more value?

A brief description of CityBldr's analysis on how people can get more value by selling together.

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When purchasing properties, developers and builders have to consider many unique factors. One of the most important factors to consider is how zoning rules and property shapes impact development.

Zoning rules for every city are unique, but one thing that they have in common are rules around setbacks. A setback is a portion of your property that you can't build on because it is directly against the boundary of another property. When you combine your property with a neighboring property, previously unbuildable areas on your property (setbacks) become buildable, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

There are also other factors that might cause a boost in your value when you sell with a neighbor. Certain zones only allow for large buildings when you have a certain amount of land to build on, and others only allow for denser developments if they have a certain amount of land that directly borders a street (for transportation access). These are just a few examples where selling with neighbors may allow you to trigger an additional value boost for your property.
Our technology automatically analyzes the conditions that trigger feasibility for these types of developments and estimates the likely boost in value your property would garner when sold with neighboring properties.

If you are interested in seeing whether your property might receive such a boost, visit and type in your address. If we're not in your market yet we'll let you know when we arrive.

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