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The CityBldr Signal
What is the CityBldr Signal?
What is the CityBldr Signal?

A brief description about what the CityBldr Signal is and how it is created.

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The CityBldr signal is created by combining multiple different data sources together to understand whether or not your property could be a valuable development site.

CityBldr uses cutting edge data science to forecast what can be built on every property in a city. 

Example of the building forecast done at scale to estimate a property's development potential.

In the background we do several complex development calculations to estimate what can be built on your property. We then simplify this into the CityBldr Signal that gives you insight into whether there is hidden value for you to capture.

To view your CityBldr Signal visit and enter in your address. Once you claim your property you will instantly see your CityBldr Signal (if available) and see a description of its meaning. If you have further questions about how this applies to your property and how to unlock the additional value of your property, please reach out to the team at

The CityBldr Signal is not a comprehensive development appraisal and is only to be used as a starting point to help you understand if your property may have hidden development value. If our underlying data sources are incorrect this can lead to our signal being incorrect. If you spot anything you don't believe to be correct, please feel free to send your feedback to

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